How Did I Get Here?

Posted: January 10, 2013 in The Journey Called LIFE

Alot of people ask me how I got here, and it’s a story I love to tell. In 2011 I was like most people I knew, stuck in a job I hated, in a town I couldn’t see myself becoming a “Known Artist” in. I had enough of just living, and my creative spark was slowly burning out.

I decided to take a leap of faith in myself, something I had never done before, it scared me to death but I could already feel my spark growing brighter. I packed up my car with all that would fit, and with about $50 in my name I headed to Nashville where a very uncomfortable futon awaited my arrival.

On that four hour trip I decided that I was going to the city to finally show the world I was talented, and I was going to “Make It” as an Artist, something that seems to most an Impossible Dream. I can’t say I didn’t have my doubts, as I still do, and don’t know if that will ever change because no matter what happens I am always asking myself “How did I get here?”

I grabbed a few day jobs, I mean lets be realistic, I had to have some income on this journey, although I think to myself sometimes, if I wasn’t a mother I would sleep under a bridge and sell my art on the street until I got famous. My daughter however is my motivation for all that I am and do, as I hope to show her one day that anything is possible if you put your heart into it as my father once told me.

So let’s get to the point right…So yeah, I got into RAW, an Artist Orginization here in Nashville, and that is where my life took a turn I never imagined. I got a call, they wanted me to showcase my work, problem was I didn’t really have anything I could show. Most everything I had was digital at the time, so for the next month I painted day and night until I had something to present. 

I figured, this was my shot to get my foot in the door, and for me personally every event is The Big One. A few days before it was my time to shine, I had a thought, and where it came from or why I have no idea, but I am so very greatful it did. I wanted to stand out among these artists, who in my mind were all going to be Amazing and make me feel like a child as most artists think. Paint a Person Live, I thought to myself, half naked girl getting painted will definitely do the trick.

I asked my friend Nina if she would sit and let me paint her live, just a simple way to bring attention to my little art filled corner. Nina gladly accepted my request, as did the showcase coordinator, and that moment, that split second of a thought, it changed my life. As the show started my nerves were driving my every moment into a haze, until I started painting. The thing is, when I am creating it’s as if the world drifts away and I am surrounded by my very own creativity bubble.

People gathered all around me flashing pictures and video left and right, some even waiving them closely to my face, but nothing could effect me as I was safely in my bubble. After that show I felt something I had never felt before, as if I was sleeping through life for the first twenty eight years, suddenly I was awake, and alive for the very first time.

From that moment I realized that I had been wasting my talent most people tell me they would “Kill to Have”, and I would spend what was left of my life showing the world what I had been hiding for far too long.



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    THE ARTIST NAMED TIA, an artist I happened to notice when she liked our Facebook page. I was browsing her page and came across this post about how she got started and wanted to share the story. Tia’s work is amazing, check it out after you read this. – Bryan

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