Jan 12, 2013

Posted: January 12, 2013 in The Journey Called LIFE

I’ve got a shoot tomorrow with Allen Manus, we’re going to capture the essence of Marilyn Monroe and I am pretty excited about that. Today is Saturday, I have nothing planned for today so this is where my mind runs wild. I could paint my face, take some pictures, and get lost in hours of editing photos. I could draw, paint, craft, who knows, I could even write a song and record myself singing. People always say they wish they had just half of my talent, I wish I could cut my creativity in half so that I may move my effort forward in one direction. If I am awake I am thinking of thousands of creative things I could do, and most of the time is spent thinking and not actually doing. I want to make an impact on the world, I want to travel to Africa and invite them to be creative with me. I want to have my art in galleries all over the world, I want to give back to those in need, and get Artists off of the streets and turning the talents they posess into careers.

I need a thousand of Me, but they don’t sell Me at Walmart so I guess I will just have to figure out how to accomplish all of these huge dreams on my own. I quit my job to pursue Art full time, also with my Arthritis I am limited on how much I can work which could make keeping a job difficult. So it’s down to the wire, I have been pursuing Art for a year now and the money is coming, but it’s definitely not close to what’s needed to create the stability my family asks of me.

I have all of this Art, I should just sell it right? Well creating sellable products takes money, and that’s something just out of my reach, and it always seems to be the hurdle I can’t quite clear on this track. But I feel it, it may be that of which a gambler feels when they are on a losing streak. I feel it in my gut that my situation is going to change any moment, I just need to hang in there and keep working as hard as I have for the past year, it’s all going to pay off for the first time in my life.

Then that thought creeps into your mind, but what if it doesn’t, how long can this continue, how long can we live in this place. As supportive as my partner is, he still questions my ability to turn this around. There’s alot of things in the “Works” right now that I believe in my heart are going to change my life forever, but until that moment happens it’s just a feeling in my gut I can’t get myself to turn my back on.

  1. i just read your blog for the first time…and i can’t believe how you came to do the body painting for the very first time!! so happy when someone is successful at something they love to do and are passionate about!! Keep on creating and we will keep watching/stalking your work!!

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