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Koi (Photo)

My Second Body Paint Piece (2012)

Beautiful & Strong Piece for an Anti-Rape Campaign I am so honored to have been part of.

Just Words

Hello & Welcome To A Look Inside My Artistic Journey.

I have never blogged before, but I really look forward to seeing it unfold. I plan to talk about my life, my journey to becoming an “Artist”, Share Photos, and anything else that decides to pour out of my head which will probably be alot.

If That sounds like something you’d like to read, then please do, as I’d love for you to join me on my journey. If not, then Thank You for Stopping by.

If you’re already a fan Thank You so much for your support, I look forward to our future interactions through Art, Photography, and the Clicking of Keys as they dance into words unspoken.

Let The Journey Begin,

Tia Adams – PTB